To educate others properly, you must be yourself properly educated in the field you choose to play on from the onset.  To know something you must seek or ask for it; to have something and make it yours, you must give something greater or equal to that which you ask for. To have a good health and be happy you must sacrifice a good portion of your potential and acquired energy.

The above age long proven principles are few of the subtle rules of nature, which fortunately or unfortunately lay among the unchangeable rules that govern everything we do, know or have in this world today.

Good Health

This is not a normal book defining, clarifying, and describing or narrating life’s issues as usual: what happened, where, who, when and how. This is a due confession, a live testimony in support for the truthfulness in the “Universal Laws of Nature” as and how they affect us positively and negatively in our day-to-day affairs.

What is the first thing you usually do each morning you wake from sleep?

 Do you go straight to the toilet to ease yourself into?  Do you go to the kitchen for coffee or water?  On the other hand, do you engage in some quick exercise before you start your daily activities?

Whichever way you usually wake from sleep each morning, this book will help you confirm the best possible choices to boost your energy level the natural way from the moment you wake from your night’s sleep to the moment you go back to sleep at night time.

 As nature’s general rule, repeating day-by-day your acquired good and positive habits, acts as automatic antidote against ill health, as a cure for sadness, depression and as stress control! And when ill health, stress and sadness are put in check, then, your health regenerates automatically.

 The best choice of goal for all living beings should be to acquire good health and positive energy on a daily basis. For that, you will need to simply listen to and follow the burning desires of your unconscious mind; harmonize your unconscious mind with the physical reality and you will no more need a coach to excel in all choices made from within you.

In this book also, you will understand why such subtle feelings as love, peace, harmony and happiness stand out as the most vital ingredients in the natural regeneration of human health. In the absence of these pleasant feelings flowing within and out of us, we shall be prone to sickness, pain, hate and disharmony. The book is made up of live photos and a series of videos in action showing how we can naturally boost our given health and happiness of our spiritual mind to our physical body!


Is there any definite and realistic known secret to regenerate our health without external substances or objects?

Yes, your unconscious mind embodies such secret; listen to it; follow it up to conscious actions and you will discover the immense secret within you to remain healthy and happy!

Good health and happiness have more to do with inward attitude and regular habit than hard work and physical exercise.

Happiness and contentment are usually rewards from doing things out of your unconscious concepts of the conscious realm; doing things out of pondered decisions that harmonizes with the psychic and physical- when the seen and unseen things act in harmony.

Such subtle feelings jointly constitute the natural essence of wellness and fitness; in other words- the due secret to regenerate your daily health out of all you do.

Physical fitness is a derivative of doing things: working, playing, dancing, eating etc. Just doing things regularly shall reward you with acceptable fitness which goes in proportion to the time you dedicate to whatever you choose to do. Regrettably, you may be fit and well from the outside without being happy and appreciative.

Wellness habit

Wellness Habit

It is real hard to have and maintain fitness for long when your regular habit become dominated by such traits as anger, jealousy, avarice, mischief etc. Such traits, when dominant in your daily attitude constrict the viaduct of psychic harmony and obscure the pleasant flow of happy feelings. To counter that, learn to agree from within, out; make peace with your soul, forgiving and forgetting every offensive issues your way.

Deep down within your mind lies the potentials for all powers! There are certain known secrets to everything under creation. You are already a secret; your birth, growth and maturity are silent and secret sequences of nature. Knowing and understanding such subtle sequences of nature and creation will help you to discover the open secret to regenerating your given health.

In other words, regenerating health is equal to knowing how to reach the recess of your mind to receive infinite possibilities that will better and balance your life’s sequences at all moments; to achieve ‘Longer Life immersed in enthusiasm and positive sensations’. Yes, there are very specific natural sequences to regenerate health!

 Deep down within you lies the infinite ability to do and know bits or much of every conceivable thing! Because life itself happens to be an organized process; a systematic process which usually springs from conception, to cradle, growth and death as the end.

As nature’s rule, everything we must do or know carries with it a well-defined process: every sports activity, imagination or knowledge has its naturally endowed process before you can acquire it; even how to eat, talk and walk etc. Consequently, on birth, nature has given us the infinite ability to adventure without end, know and experience the abundances of life in its entirety.

Your life is an all-inclusive package with no material cost attached other than the challenges of factual analysis, choice- making, decision taking, action and reaction, which jointly determine how well or how bad you live. You are versatile. You are everything and nothing. Visualize and live your given life in this context and you will be safe.


When you say to someone “Your destiny is in your hands” what do you actually mean? What do you really want to say or transmit to that person?

If your destiny is in your hands, it literally means that your: health, concept, sickness, attitude, happiness and sadness should all be in your hands. It is absolutely true to the best of my knowledge that we can live in sound health with longer life in this world as it is, irrespective of all the calamities and hard challenges looming on us. Once we consciously accept the fact that ‘Every Decided Action’ we take in turn generates; Undecided Equal Reaction’ In other words, ‘Every Sound habit you put up will automatically stimulate sensations beneficial to the body organs and every bad attitude you dish out will also, automatically stimulate sensations detrimental to your body organs and of those around you.

The main secret to regenerate your health is simply based on ‘repeating, thinking and reliving such sound and positive habits found generating and encouraging the good feelings being felt by the body’s sense organs; on the contrary, rejecting those attitudes noticed generating negative feelings to the body’s sense organs.


What do you feel when you are: dancing, laughing, playing, or excited about your creativity? The answer is good! You must feel good with the kind of body sensations generated by the above actions without doubt, as far as you are a sane human within our social nomenclature.

Among so many other simple and natural activities, you can adopt to improve your health and happiness, whenever you play, dance, laugh or positively excited, most, if not all your body organs benefit from the kind of pleasant sensation generated in relation to the action carried out. Concisely, such is the secret-root to regenerate health and guaranteed long-life in sound sensations.

If you truly desire to live long without much sickness, pain and disillusion all you have got to do now is to start: dancing like crazy; laughing yourself out of breath; playing like a dog and working like an Ant; such are Success Habits. Adopt and attune your mind to them for a year or less; after that, we will want to hear your personal results or testimony. It is all as simple as that! Because, when you do not laugh, play positively and engage consciously in the works you choose and enjoy doing, it’s hard to feel good and be happy and healthy!



The realistic and unbeatable secret to achieve recurring or regenerating-health is to aim to remain a child in mind and in reasoning, metaphorically speaking; do not aim to become an adult under this social standard, doing so will surely reward you with negative and unnecessary stress which will tend to thwart your endowed positive potentials!

Follow your mind and do not aim to become a socially responsible adult; think as and remain an innocent child; this way, you will have a better chance to live out your days in admirable health; so that doctors, nurses and their drugs will never be your portion!


-The main aim of this program is to show you with simple and practical examples how to awaken the infinite ability and potentials deep down within you.

-To empower your use of free imagination, choice and decision to attain a realistic control over your given life; from inside out.

– To systematically show you the best way to learn about you from inside; and the best possible ways to teach yourself anything you want to know or do, particularly, dealing with your state of general well being.

Yoga pose
Yoga Pose

In the next post you will read and know the Ten Regular Scenes of habit you must adopt to have full benefit of this program which kicks off from the moment you go to sleep at night and ends at the moment you go back to sleep to end each day of your given life.  Follow it with concentration and mind’s eye.

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